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Developer: App Listo
Latest Version: 2.8.1 update 1 year ago
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
Size: 3.9 Mb



App Cloner Premium (MOD Unlocked) - is a convenient and very useful utility for users who want to use several accounts in social networks or applications at the same time. The essence of the content is that you can create a clone of almost any smartphone program within a few minutes. The project is extremely easy to use, so that almost everyone can create copies. One of the features of the program is the ability to create or change icons and names for duplicates, which will eliminate confusion when entering the original version and the copy.

Clones can be modded at certain points, for example: you can turn off advertising materials and automatic updates. This will keep the application as it is. The creation of an alternative version and a second account will be almost impossible to track online, which means that the user will not be blocked for using additional accounts. It is also important that the project will not require the device to consume large resources, which will prevent the smartphone from freezing.

Features of the program

  1. Ability to simultaneously work with original applications and their clones.
  2. Activation of passwords and incognito mode. This is a useful item if the user does not want his actions to be tracked.
  3. An item is available to disable automatic updates.
  4. Configuring autorun.
  5. Changing certain functions of copies of games.
  6. Installation of a special shortcut for clones.

To fully work with the settings and parameters, you will not need to install additional content to get ROOT. This allows the user to eliminate various complications in the smartphone. Among other things, the utility offers a virtual assistant that will tell you what tools you need to use for correct copying. This version will be an excellent chance to create clones of accounts in network strategies, RPG projects and the so-called battle royale. Play without borders, use clones to get what you want faster, and don't worry about someone finding out about a duplicate account.

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