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Build a shelter, save people from a terrible nuclear apocalypse, and manage it

Mod version: 1.13.7
Hack info
MOD 1: Unlimited Caps, Food,Water, Energy (Everything Increases instead of decreasing)
MOD 2: Infinite Inventory Space. Instant Level Up On Rush Success, Fail Emergency Event Success, Infinite Lunchboxes (Not Decreasing), All Resources Increased Instead Of Decrease.​

Download freeFallout Shelter mod.apk
Cache (Android/OBB): ZIP

Save editor
How to install?
1) Download the editor APK using the download link
2) Enable "Unknown sources" on your device. Settings->Security.
3) Copy the APK to your device.
4) Browse the APK using a file manager and install it.

How to use?
1) Start the editor app on your device.
2) Select the vault you'd like to edit.
3) Modify things.
4) Save the vault.

What can you edit?
Caps, power, food and water.
Stimpacks and radaways per dweller and vault.
Vault storage (add items/pets).
Add legendary and rare dwellers to your vault.
Create custom dwellers.
Change vault number.
Copy/multiply dwellers.
Add items (weapons and outfits) to your vault's storage.
Complete objectives.
Edit pets (their names and bonus effects).
Edit "Survival Guide" pages.
Fix time glitched vaults.
Edit dwellers:
Name and level
Hair, sking and outfit color
Hair style and facemask
+ Many many more.

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